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This website and the rights and usage relating to written work included in this website conform to Japanese law.
This website is the website for each host on the domain.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Page layout is not properly aligned/does not display properly.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or above) browser is recommended. If the plug-in required for animated graphics (browser-incorporated software that helps achieve a range of effects) is not installed on your PC, you will need to download and install the following software.
Click the button below to jump to the download pages.

  • To install, follow the instructions on the linked page.

[ Microsoft Internet Explorer ]
Click here to download.

[ macromedia Flash Player ]
Click here to download.

  • * Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 5.0 or above is recommended for the“ Text size”function. This function may not Moperate in Netscape or other browsers.
  • * Please refer to the relevant software companies for inquires concerning individual plugins.

Cannot download PDF file.

You will need to download and read PDF (a widely used, printable format) files in order to print and use some of the page content. To use the PDF files, it is necessary to download and install the following software.
Click on the button below to jump to the software download pages.

  • To install, follow the instructions on the linked page.

[ Adobe Reader ]
Click here to download.

  • * Please refer to the relevant software companies for inquires concerning plugins.


The information provided by this website has been created using information and data that AOKI Holdings, Inc. (hereafter, “the Corporation”) considers trustworthy. The Corporation gives no guarantees as to accuracy or integrity, however. Responsibility for the consequences of using this information is assumed by the customer. The Corporation does not guarantee to solve any reported problems through information provided by the Corporation. The Corporation does not grant usage or practice rights for any intellectual property pertaining to the provision of this information. The information provided on this website may be modified or updated without notice. Moreover, the Corporation may modify or enhance this information without notice at any time.


Character, image, and other content copyrights including the information, photographs, and illustrations contained on this website are the property of the Corporation or third parties such as content providers. Reproduction, modification, redistribution, re-publication, download, display, notification, or transfer of this content, either in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, without prior consent of the copyright holders is prohibited.

Links to third-party websites

This website offers easy access and links to external websites to provide better information and for the convenience of the customer. This does not imply, however, that the Corporation endorses the external websites.
The Corporation does not manage the other websites linked to this site. The Corporation therefore cannot take responsibility for damage, whether direct, indirect, or extended, resulting from use of the linked websites.

Guarantee of privacy and personal information

The Corporation respects privacy and prioritizes the protection of personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on this website for policies regarding the collection and distribution of information.

Revised conditions of use

The Corporation may revise and update the conditions of use for this website.

Prohibited items

Action corresponding to or leading to concern over the following items is prohibited on this website.

  • Writing or sending harmful computer programs or similar matter.
  • Creating and distributing program modifications, reverse engineering, analysis and utilities.
  • Causing operational disturbance through unauthorized access or other operations.
  • Infringing third-party property, rights, or privacy.
  • Action that violates laws and ordinances or public order and ethics.