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Entertainment Business

Offering entertainment and relaxation Special places that can make our customers’ lives more enjoyable and fulfilling VALIC Co., Ltd. operates COTE D’AZUR karaoke facilities and KAIKATSU CLUB café complexes. All activities have the same goal: to provide customers with quality recreation time and sincere service at affordable prices.



Get together, sing and talk

The Cote d’Azur in southern France is known worldwide for its beautiful ocean and sky, refreshing sea breeze and breathtaking scenery. With its stylish interiors and carefully selected cuisine, COTE D’AZUR offers a unique and memorable experience for people who enjoy karaoke.


The atmosphere of a resort in southern France

COTE D’AZUR interiors recreate the appearance of a resort in the south of France. Everything from the floor materials and pillars to the paintings and lights come together to produce a luxurious sensation. Each room has a white theme and brightness for spacious, resort-like feeling. In these surroundings, all guests can relax and enjoy their karaoke time.


A menu filled with the rich flavors of southern France

COTE D’AZUR has a large selection of cuisine featuring the flavors of southern France. The menu includes hot from the oven pizza and freshly made pasta dishes, spectacular desserts and many other items. Furthermore, there are many money-saving packages to make a karaoke session even more fun. For example, guests can select lunch or dinner sets or food for a banquet.


Rooms with different concepts for a multitude of needs

Super stage rooms and live rooms feature dynamic sound and lighting systems. Family rooms are designed for the enjoyment of parents and their children. There are also rooms for women using the “devilishly cute” design theme. All guests can select a room that is just right for their requirements and the size of their group. This is why COTE D’AZUR attracts people for parties after wedding receptions, girls-only gathering, family outings, company parties and many other activities.

A super stage room

A family room

COTE D’AZUR Innovation

A variety of special events and marketing campaigns

COTE D’AZUR conducts numerous events jointly with famous artists and popular animation characters.
For meals, customers can select items from a menu that includes dishes created through collaboration with a variety of partner companies.

VALIC Co., Ltd. operates the Entertainment Business.

VALIC Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

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