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Fashion Business

Giving customers the pleasure of dressing well Making our customer’s life bright and beautiful through fashions Guided by this passion, AOKI creates clothing and accessories with an emphasis on high-quality manufacturing and encompasses a broad range of preferences and needs. We offer customers fashions that embody fun and value for any requirement.

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Aiming to become Japan’s leading retail chain for total styling

AOKI stores started by revolutionalizing the supply chain in order to sell high-quality business suits at low prices. Most of these directly operated stores are located along major highways in suburban areas. Over the years, AOKI evolved into total styling stores that include merchandise for women. This will help make our position robust in a market of men’s fashions, where customer needs are changing rapidly, and assure continuing prosperity.

Customer service

The first apparel retailer to introduce a stylist system

AOKI established the stylist system in 2004. At stores, certified AOKI Customer Stylists offer customers ideas for apparel that best matches their preferences and lifestyles. Stylists must complete a course created by AOKI. Training gives stylists knowledge about fashion, styling and communicating with customers.

An AOKI Customer Stylist

A Customer Stylist certificate

The AOKI store network

The nationwide network includes both suburban stores and stores in city centers

The AOKI strategy for opening stores draws on knowledge gained from establishing a powerful brand in the men’s apparel market and from operating a growing network of stores. New stores will include suburban locations, traditionally the main format, as well as many other locations in city centers and near train stations. Examples include shopping centers and malls, buildings, and shopping streets. To increase our market share, we will maintain a dominant presence in areas where demand for business suits is high while extending our network to new areas.

City-center store: Ginza Head Store

Suburban store: Osaka Senri Flagship Store


A large selection of products that encompass broad spectrum of customer needs

AOKI constantly develops a variety of new products by using a Vertical Merchandising System that extends from the conception of products to their sale. One innovation is the Premium Wash Suit, a functional suit which is elegant yet can be put in a home washing machine and come out with no wrinkles. Our premiere ANNIVERSAIRE brand uses high-end materials made with highly advanced technologies. Our CAFÉ SOHO line of apparel includes business-to-casual fashions as well as apparel for various outings. Overall, our stores have fashions tailored to almost any requirement. Apparel for women includes merchandise created by collaborating with fashion magazines.

Premium Wash Suit


AOKI Innovation

Develops the science of comfortable clothing in collaboration with universities

To strengthen R&D activities, we began a joint research program in 2002 with the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology of Shinshu University. We looked for the scientific reasons and factors that make people feel comfortable in order to create more comfortable clothing. The result has been a variety of products that encompass many age segments and lifestyles.

In 2009, Professor Toyonori Nishimatsu of Shinshu University, received the 62nd technology prize from the Textile Machinery Society of Japan for a product developed as part of this joint research.

AOKI Inc. operates the Fashion Business.

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