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Offering entertainment and

Special places that can make our customers’ lives more enjoyable
and fulfilling.
We provide customers with quality time and space at affordable
prices through our KAIKATSU CLUB café complexes,
Jiyu Kukan café complexes, COTE D’AZUR karaoke facilities,
and FiT24 fitness facilities.

A place to relax and have fun

KAIKATSU CLUB is a members-only café complex with the mission of providing easy access to a space designed for quality relaxation time. Customers can surf the Internet, read comic books, enjoy complimentary drinks and use many other amenities. Facilities are designed for everything from spending quiet time alone for relaxation to enjoying refreshing activities.


Relax in surroundings like a high-end resort in Bali

Designs of KAIKATSU CLUB are based on a high-end resort on the magnificent Indonesian island of Bali. Rooms are decorated with items made in Bali. Even the lighting contributes to the resort-like atmosphere. This “modern Balinese” ambience is perfect for people who want to escape from their everyday lives into a place where they can find physical and mental relaxation.


A variety of seats and room types for the enjoyment of all customers

Customers who come alone can relax in a reclining or lie-flat seat or enjoy other amenities. There are also rooms for groups of all types, from friends to families, and comfortable, fully private rooms with locks for doing work.

A reclining seat
Lie-flat seat

Entertainment and Services

An enjoyable place for groups as well as single customers

Customers who come alone can read comic books and magazines or enjoy other activities. Others can play darts or pool or use a karaoke room. There are even karaoke rooms specifically for one or two people. By offering the Nikkei electronic version along with support for the Nissho Bookkeeping Examination and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certification Examination, this also provides resources for use in study and business.

  • Note: The lineup of offerings varies from location to location.
    For details, check the KAIKATSU CLUB website.
Magazine corner
Comic book corner

Free space for play and healing

Internet, manga, TV, online games, billiards, darts, karaoke, table tennis, and more! All you can use! Meal menu is also available. (Additional charge). Please make the most of your time at “Jiyu Kukan” when you have a little free time, for family gatherings on holidays, or for a date as a couple. A free and comfortable space where you are sure to find your fun.

Darts corner
Comic book corner

The following companies operates café complexes,
KAIKATSU CLUB and Jiyu Kukan.

Get together, sing and talk

The Cote d’Azur in southern France is known worldwide for its beautiful ocean and sky, refreshing sea breeze and breathtaking scenery. As the name implies, with its stylish interiors and carefully selected cuisine, COTE D’AZUR offers customers the energy for a new day.


The atmosphere of a resort in southern France

COTE D’AZUR interiors recreate the appearance of a high-end resort in the south of France. Everything from the floor materials and pillars to the paintings and lights come together to produce a luxurious sensation. Each room has a white theme, and the brightness creates a spacious, resort-like feeling. In these surroundings, all guests can relax and enjoy their karaoke time.


A menu filled with the rich flavors of southern France

COTE D’AZUR has a large selection of cuisine featuring the flavors of southern France. The menu includes hot-from-the-oven pizza and freshly made pasta dishes, spectacular desserts and many other items. Furthermore, there are many money-saving packages to make a karaoke session even more fun. For example, guests can select lunch or a banquet set menu.


Rooms with different concepts for a multitude of needs

Super stage rooms and live rooms feature dynamic sound and lighting systems. Family rooms are designed for the enjoyment of parents and their children. All guests can select a room that is just right for their requirements and the size of their group. This is why COTE D’AZUR attracts people for parties after wedding receptions, girls-only gatherings, family outings, company parties and many other activities.

A live room
A family room

operates COTE D'AZUR karaoke facilities.

Move Your Body and Get in Shape

Fit your style.

FiT24 enhances your lifestyle with fitness, providing a comfortable training environment and extensive services that are available 24/7.


Carefully-selected, high-quality machines

The extensive lineup includes cable machines, free weight machines, aerobic training machines, and plate load machines. Dumbbells are available in weights from 1 kg to 50 kg (2.2 lbs to 110.2 lbs).


Comfortable layout

The comfortable layout includes a spacious training area where you can concentrate on your training without worrying about others and private changing spaces.


Extensive amenities

Shampoo and body soap are provided in the shower room for easy access with a small amount of luggage. A hair dryer is also available.

FiT24 / Indoor Golf venues

Accessible to all yet of the highest quality

FiT24 Indoor Golf venues are open 24 hours every day, catering to anyone from beginners to experts. A swing diagnostic device equipped with a high-speed camera enables analysis of trajectory and form. Users can also watch video golf lessons free of charge at any time.

operates FiT24 and Indoor Golf venues.