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Fashion Business

Giving customers the pleasure of dressing well Making our customer’s life bright and beautiful through fashions Guided by this passion, AOKI creates clothing and accessories with an emphasis on high-quality manufacturing and encompasses a broad range of preferences and needs. We offer customers fashions that embody fun and value for any requirement.

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Creating new fashion value

The central concept of the ORIHICA brand is “the key to a new lifestyle.” We want people to view ORIHICA as the key to opening a door to a new lifestyle. Customers can select and combine items without staying within a single apparel category.


A wide range of product line up from business-to-casual

ORIHICA was created in Omotesando, a district of Tokyo that is shaped by fashion ideas and trends from around the world. The brand includes business apparel, casual clothing and women’s fashions. One line of apparel was developed with the British creative director Saleem d’Aronville. Combining a British modern look with Japanese fashion themes, this apparel has become popular among fashion-conscious customers.

Saleem d'Aronville

After the University of Manchester, was a creative director at Mulberry and Macintosh and then became an export promoter at the UK Department of Trade and Industry; assisted many British fashion designers and brands establish a presence in Japan.

The ORIHICA Store Network

Numerous store formats that incorporate a London design theme

There are three types of ORIHICA stores to match different locations and customer segments. All use London themes because this is where the business suit originated. An apartment-style store is based on an apartment in London. A residence-style store has the atmosphere of a high-end home in London and a SOHO-style store uses design elements inspired by a Soho design studio. ORIHICA stores also designed to be appealing to women, with an area for women’s apparel, a casual apparel corner or other special features.

For shopping centers: Apartment-style stores

For train station buildings and fashion buildings: SOHO-style stores

Customer service

Style Navigators make shopping more fun

At ORIHICA stores, customers are assisted by Style Navigators who offer ideas about new ways to enjoy different fashions. Customer response to this service has been very positive. We are using knowledge gained from this method of serving customers to upgrade how store personnel assist customers throughout the AOKI Group.

ORIHICA Innovation

The Omotesando Collection – The Essence of ORIHICA

The Omotesando Collection represents the essence of the entire ORIHICA lineup of fashions. Carrying on the passion for beautiful apparel of ORIHICA Omotesando*, the store where ORIHICA originated, this limited collection offers customers products inspired by the director Saleem d'Aronville.

  • * ORIHICA Omotesando is now a design office and press room.

AOKI Inc. operates the Fashion Business.

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