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Entertainment Business

Offering entertainment and relaxation Special places that can make our customers’ lives more enjoyable and fulfilling VALIC Co., Ltd. operates COTE D’AZUR karaoke facilities and KAIKATSU CLUB café complexes. All activities have the same goal: to provide customers with quality recreation time and sincere service at affordable prices.



A place to relax and have fun

KAIKATSU CLUB is a members-only café complex with the mission of providing easy access to a space designed for quality relaxation time. Customers can surf the Internet, read comic books, relax in a massage chair and use many other amenities. Facilities are designed for everything from spending quiet time alone for relaxation to enjoying refreshing activities.

A resort atmosphere

Relax in surroundings like a high-end resort in Bali

Designs of KAIKATSU CLUB are based on a high-end resort on the Indonesian island of Bali. Rooms are decorated with items made in Bali. Even the lighting contributes to the resort-like atmosphere. This “modern Balinese” ambience is perfect for people who want to escape from their everyday lives into a place where they can find physical and spiritual relaxation.


A variety of rooms for the enjoyment of all customers

Customers who come alone can relax in a reclining, full-flat or massage chair or enjoy other amenities. There are rooms for groups of all types, from friends and couples to families and other groups. Offering these diverse features allows KAIKATSU CLUB to be a place for an enjoyable time for everyone.

Living room

A reclining seat

Entertainment and Services

A enjoyable place for groups as well as single customers

Customers who come alone can read comic books and magazines, relax in a massage chair or enjoy other activities. Others can play darts or billiards or use a karaoke room. There are even karaoke rooms specifically for one or two people. A large selection of food items is another attraction. Customers can choose items for any meal, breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of day, as well as seasonal dishes and other items.

A selection of magazines for customers

A 1-or-2 karaoke room


Women-only sections where female customers can relax in comfort and safety

KAIKATSU CLUB has a space exclusively for women called Villa me time. Using suggestions from female customers, young female employees of KAIKATSU CLUB handled every step from planning to the final design of these spaces. The result is an atmosphere unlike any other Internet café. Women can relax and spend as much time as they want in a space that is bright, clean and safe.

A section of KAIKATSU CLUB exclusively for women

VALIC Co., Ltd. operates the Entertainment Business.

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